Flats in Gracia

Barcelona is a city with a lot of diversity divided by neighborhoods where each one retains its own distinct charm. The neighborhood of Gracia is one of the most popular and at the same time the oldest. Its origin comes from the expansion of a town, the Vila de Gracia, until becoming part of the city of Barcelona at district level.

It is one of the most popular neighborhoods at the local level, and although it is one of the smaller neighborhoods, his demand is so great that it is the second neighborhood with more population density. Its most emblematic places are the Plaça del Diamant, the Plaça del Sol, the Church of the Virreina and the Parc Güell, one of the great works of the artist Antoni Gaudí.

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Buying a flat in Gracia ensures an excellent location, since it is a central neighborhood and very well connected with different public transport options both bus and metro lines. It is very close to the Paseo de Gracia, the Diagonal, Plaça Cataluña, and access routes to the most tourist parts of Barcelona and shopping centers.

However, although it is a central neighborhood, it retains the style of what was once the town of Vila de Gracia, a small town with its own separate identity from Barcelona. It is a small city within another city, where it enjoys a local atmosphere with pedestrian streets, unique squares, shops and small parks.

The district of Gracia is a very modern neighborhood with a very art nouveau style. Full of multiculturalism, artists, painters, musicians, elderly people, young hairy people, a multicultural neighborhood where each one acts in harmony with their own customs don't interfere with the others 

Flats for sale in Gracia

The neighborhood of Gracia, which stands out for maintaining the identity of a small city within another city, has all the necessary services for day-to-day life. It has different supermarkets with large brands as well as small local business with fresh and ecological products.

Gracia is well known for its great offer of bars, restaurants and terraces, all with their own style and diverse cuisine. It is a neighborhood with different leisure options; it is equipped with theaters, concert halls, playgrounds for the children, etc., where you can be distracted and able to jump from the routine of day-to-day having a glass of wine in a hidden bar in some of its streets or squares.

In addition, Gracia, it is a very participative neighborhood and has a direct relationship between the neighbors, which makes it a neighborhood easily adapted for new neighbors, where in a short time they already feel at home.