Flats in Horta Guinardó

Horta Guinardó is a very special area of ​​the city and is famous for being a great lookout over the city. Where the vegetation, water and unbeatable views from the numerous viewpoints offered by the neighborhood abound

The great industrialization that took place in Barcelona in the nineteenth century did not reach Horta until the fifties of the following century. However, the farmhouses of the peasants and the stately houses of those times stood as a source of pride and representation of a more rural era.

From that moment, in this zone began the construction of the flats of Horta Guinardó. However, its rural attractions and its calm and cool environment remained intact.

Buy flats in Horta Guinardó

One of the advantages of buying flats in Horta Guinardó is to enjoy one of the zones of the whole city with more unique areas: historical places, fantastic panoramas of the city, environmental zones and architectural jewels are just some of the many advantages that the area offers.

Between hills and valleys, you will find this district of Barcelona, ​​where it is undoubtedly a luxury to enjoy abundant vegetation, unparalleled views, and a quiet atmosphere away from the bustle of the city.

Flats for sale in Horta Guinardó

Nowadays there is a good variety of flats for sale in Horta Guinardó. Comfortable and spacious flats located in a very safe and quiet area.

If you are looking for flats for sale in Horta Guinardó, trust in Home Group and in our large experience and make the decision to buy an apartment in Horta Guinardó easy, fast and adjusted to your needs.