Flats in Les Corts

Les Corts offers tranquility, elegance and a very popular and rural atmosphere. In this lively district, you will find the most authentic squares and spaces in the whole of Barcelona. Where you can enjoy the tranquility that surrounds the whole area.

In the early days of Les Corts, this area was uninhabited, with some farmhouses scattered throughout the area. It was in 1836 when it became a municipality. Nowadays, in this neighborhood, the high classes are mixed with the middle classes of traditional Barcelona.

Although there are still vestiges of the rural period, this area experienced a progressive urbanization where flats in Les Corts where built. Despite its urbanization, this neighborhood continues to preserve its rural origins and its lively and special atmosphere.

Buy Flats in Les Corts

One of the advantages of buying flats in Les Corts is being able to live in one of the quieter areas of Barcelona. With an environment enviable by many other areas of the city. There, you will find numerous gardens, squares and open places where you can enjoy the pure air of the area.

Another great advantage of this neighborhood is that you can get away from the annoying and noisy crowds of tourists that characterize other areas of the city. In Les Corts you will also find plazas and monuments that will transport you to another more rural time. Like the Plaza de Comas and the monument of the peasant farmer Pau Farinetes.

Flats for sale in Les Corts

Nowadays there is a large variety of flats for sale in Les Corts. These are comfortable apartments located in a very quiet and safe residential area.

If you are looking for flats for sale in Les Corts, from Home Group we will provide the help you need and are looking for. The decision to buy a flat in Les Corts entails a multitude of requirements that thanks to our extensive experience we will get a selection of flats for sale that will suit your tastes and needs.