We do sell. With over 12 years of experience behind us, we have a portfolio of more than 1,000 potential buyers and an entry of 90 new customers per month, we have all advertising to invest in your home, business consultants are performing only view your property.


Specialists in rentals. A commercial team dedicated only to rent and gives equal importance to rental housing, giving maximum service offering creditworthy customers to the owner. Rental insurance, if not paid, they will forward the payment covers eviction, damage, etc. We can know if the lessee has had problems in other homes, CERTIFICATE.


From the strength of a real estate group born ASSEGURA'T; with the most competitive prices because each policy is set to its profile and the characteristics of your home. Renting or buying a home is the largest investment of the vast majority of families. ASSEGURA'T is home insurance that guarantees a professional service that will take care of repairing housing if this suffers damage, total or partial.


Buy, design as your taste and pay only 50%, guaranteed for 10 years. The most innovative idea in which the customer can buy a house completely to reform and pay only 50% of the cost of the reform itself, with an audiovisual project in 3D how would the housing reform.


Customized mortgages. We take care of everything needed to process the best mortgage market. Benefits of our agreements with mortgage volume centers of the best institutions, national and international. With FINANÇA'T, you will pay less per month.