Benefits of purchase a new home in Barcelona


Today, in the market for purchase of real estate there is a multitude of homes to choose from. From Home Group we analyze the strengths that the new apartments in Barcelona have. 

Benefits of purchase a new home in Barcelona 

Maintenance. Being newly built they have the best and most advanced materials, in addition to the latest technologies. This guarantees the good condition of the whole property for a longer period of time. That is, you will not need to make any reforms or repairs until a few years later.

Energy saving. As we mentioned in the previous point, all new homes in Barcelona are built with the latest materials and technologies in isolation, which will keep the optimal temperature of the house throughout the year. During the winter months will keep the heat coming from the heating and during the hottest months of the summer will keep the house cool.

Distribution. The new flats in Barcelona have a more modern layout and are adapted to the current way of life. So, they are devised and distributed thinking about their future inhabitants.

Warranty. Being a flat that has not been inhabited, has the warranty of the builder in front of all the inconveniences that may arise. In other words, you can rest easy since you have the backing and the security of being able to go to professionals who will be able to solve the possible inconveniences that appear.

Situation. New construction homes in Barcelona are usually located in a less central area, which guarantees you are less busy residential areas. This type of situation gives more and calm way of living with what you gain quality of life.

Tax advantages. As we become new owners, we benefit from tax advantages as new construction homes in Barcelona are taxed by VAT. Thus, this tax on the acquisition of our new home we can deduct it in the income statement.

Brand new housing. But without a doubt, the best thing about acquiring this type of home is the feeling of brand new home. Being the first inhabitants of the house, you notice a different tranquility and comfort.

At Home Group we are here to advise you on the process of buying your new home. All our team of professionals will advise you according to your needs and budget.

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