Characteristics of the apartments in Eixample


Living in downtown Barcelona is something much desired by a lot of the population in the City and the truth is that there are many wonderful apartments in Eixample.

This area is one of the newest in the center of the city and in which you can find the vast majority of emblematic buildings of this city in Mediterranean coast.

The Catalan urban engineer Ildefonso Cerdà throughout the decade of the 1850 remodeled this district of the center of Barcelona. This town planner had a weakness: straight lines.

This is the reason why all the buildings that contain these wonderful apartments of the Eixample are part of a grid and thanks to it is very difficult to get out of this area.

From the remodeling of the town planner Cerdà, and based on its design, began the construction of the buildings of one of the area of Barcelona with more charm.

H2- What are the buyers looking for in the Eixample's flats?

All the buildings have a modern character, with more than 100 years behind them. These buildings have the task of providing the charm of the area in an urban center.

Therefore, owning one of these flats in the Eixample also means owning a property in the heart of the city of Barcelona. It is in this area where you will find the most important shops and offices, as it is the business hub of Barcelona.

Buyers interested in these apartments, seek to live in a strategic area of Barcelona, that is, to be close to everything and to enjoy the views offered by their new neighborhood.

Emblematic buildings between the flats of the Eixample

The Tàpies Foundation. Building designed by Domènech i Muntaner in the year 1880, was the first building of this district that combined the typology and industrial technology together, finished in iron and brick seen.

The Casa Milà. It is the building popularly known as La Pedrera. Built between 1906 and 1912, and later declared World Heritage of UNESCO in the year 1984.

The House Terrades. Known among the citizens of Barcelona as the "House of the Punches", house of the pinchos in Castilian, this name is due to the forms of the domes of the building. Considered a modernist treasure, commissioned by the industrialist Bartomeu Terradas to the architect Puig i Cadafalch in 1905 to give it to his three sisters.

These are some of the modernist buildings located in the heart of Barcelona that make the Eixample neighborhood one of the most beautiful in Barcelona.

If you are thinking of selling apartments in the Eixample, our professionals will advise you and look for the most suitable buyer for your property.