Homegroup present at international fairs to take your home to travel


Thanks to the growth of the real estate sector of our country, we believe it is opportune to start promoting the homes of our clients in the international real estate market, and because we know the attractiveness that may be for foreign buyers interested in investing in our market, from Homegroup we will be participating in Some of the most important fairs in Europe.

Las ferias más importantes de Europa

Collaborating with the continuous and positive growth of the market in real estate in our country we have decided to take the initiative to participate in several of the most important real estate fairs of the real estate market in Europe.

Our main goal will be to boost the value of your home, increase the number of buyers, ensure the sale of your home quickly, reliably and satisfactorily; We will be presenting your property in the most efficient real estate markets and of course we will watch over your property as if it were ours to captivate all the attendees of each real estate fair in which we are present.

Upcoming trade shows we will attend

During the 11th and 13th of February we were at the Second Home Exhibition in Ghent, Belgium and during the next months we will be present at the fairs of France, Sweden, Finland and England.

Our next stop will be on the 18th and 19th of February in Stockholm, Sweden, where we will be present at the Stockholmsmassan fair. Soon we will expand the information about our participation in these important European real estate fairs and the impact that our clients will have on the presentation of their properties in the international real estate market.

We are confident that enhancing the properties of our clients in these fairs will have a positive and favorable result for all, for the real estate sector of our country in general and for our clients. From Homegroup we are committed to presenting the properties we have in a professional manner and with total transparency so that the sale of these properties is all benefit and efficiency.