Houses for sale in Barcelona: How much time does it take?


The process of the sale of houses in Barcelona is an economic interaction that can take us around a few months, since for the buyer requires a great investment and as a consequence takes some time to make a final decision.For the future owner, this process of selling houses in Barcelona is not exclusively about the purchase of a property, it is about the purchase of your future home.Throughout this process, the buyer has to dedicate a certain amount of time to make a final decision, since he has to feel satisfied and 100% sure that he is making a good investment.

Homes for sale in Barcelona: What do buyers want?

A recent study shows that about 80% of Europeans say they are relatively satisfied with their home. At the tail of this list, Spaniards are placed with 29% according to their home. We venture to affirm that it is because we are very demanding with our future house.

This dissatisfaction data support that we are one of the European Union countries that later in the sale of houses in Barcelona. This is why prospective home buyers visit an average of eight properties before making the purchase decision. This decision process usually lasts an average of two months.

Today, thanks to the development of technologies, 81% of Spaniards begin their search for new housing in an online way. They navigate, investigate and browse until they decide to take the plunge and go to a real estate specialized in the sale of houses in Barcelonacomo is Home Group.

The perfect qualities for the sale of houses in Barcelona

More than half the buyers prefer that their future home be in the city center.

95% of residents in Spain prefer to buy the house instead of renting it.

The ideal home has to have an average of about 90 m2.

36% would like to have four rooms, 25% would like three rooms and 22% would like five rooms.

These are some of the attributes that should be the ideal home for Barcelona residents. That is, for the sale of houses in Barcelona, the properties that have these qualities will be sold in less time.