Increase in the sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona


The increase in the sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona was a reality in the past 2016 and according to forecasts will continue to grow throughout this 2017.

Therefore, during the 12 months of last 2016 the sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona increased progressively to reach 31%. This significant increase compared to 2014 and 2015 points to the real recovery in the national real estate market.

As a factor to be highlighted, in comparison to the entire Iberian peninsula, Barcelona was the region that positioned itself in the number of sales with a considerable increase of 73% over last year.

Apart from this growth in sales, the price of housing in prime locations such as the Eixample of Barcelona was revalued. Because it is in this central district of Barcelona where the demand for purchase is much higher than the offer offered. The price of housing is a highlight, so we can allocate as average price of housing about 720,000

Typology of buyers of luxury apartments in Barcelona

To date, the profile of buyers of  luxury apartments in Barcelona has been externalized. That is to say, more and more people from the different countries of the European Union opt for the purchase of luxury properties to spend long periods or only a vacation in the city.

For many of these buyers, when they think about buying a luxury apartment, it is not just about buying a home, but about buying quality of life near the Mediterranean Sea.

Thus, the head of these investors are those of British origin and long after those of French, German and Swedish origin. The main reason why buying luxury apartments in Barcelona by British buyers has been so simple: the Brexit.

As a result of this event and with the uncertain future of the United Kingdom with the European Union, British buyers have rushed to the purchase of real estate and with the future change the relations of purchase and sale will be significantly hampered.

From Home Group, we know that this 2017 is a good year for the sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona, ​​which is why we hope you trust in our professional career for the sale of your property.