Stockholmsmassan 2017: Real Estate Fair in Sweden


In order to grow, innovate and make us known in the European market, Home Group is present the next 18 and 19 February at the Swedish real estate fair called Stockholmsmassan.

It is an event with 14 years behind it whose purpose is the promotion of real estate product at an international level. It is for this reason that Home Group's team will work to be able to offer its product to all those who want to purchase apartments in Barcelona.

Home Group in the Real Estate Fair in Sweden 

Our main objective in this fair is to enhance the value of the range of housing offered by our real estate company, in order to increase the number of individuals who are interested in buying apartments in Barcelona.

In order for our work to reach the desired goals in this fair, our team will have an active participation under the name of grouped real estate. So, from our stand we will work to attract customers who are interested in purchase flats in Barcelona.

Year after year the interest of the attending public has been increasing, making 2016 the year in which the public showed more interest in this event, thus breaking the record number of attendees to this fair held in the capital of the Swedish country. Number of attendees expected to be exceeded on 18 and 19 February.

So far, they have already confirmed their attendance to the event real estate agencies, real estate developers and agents from more than 20 different countries. Both companies that participate in the promotion of their properties, such as the Home Group, and the attendees will be able to carry out different activities during this weekend, such as attending conferences at no additional cost.

These conferences will address different issues related to the purchase and sale of real estate. Some of the most interesting conferences are:

  • Considerations prior to the purchase and sale of a home in Spain.
  • Taxes abroad. Tax aspects for citizens who move from Sweden to live in other countries.
  • Aspects related to buying flats in Barcelona and Catalonia.

With the aim of expanding our overseas market and bringing our product closer to the European public, Home Group will work to the maximum on the 18th and 19th of February at Stockholmsmassan.