Apartments for sale in Barcelona. Foreign buyers


The Spanish economy begins to re-emerge little by little, this recovery of the long-awaited cycle of economic recession is already beginning to be noticed in family and business economies, especially in the market for the purchase of flats in Barcelona

It is true that economic indicators are showing signs of improvement over the last few months. A good measure of economic recovery in the country is the real estate sector. As a result of this improvement, the purchase of apartments in Barcelona by Spanish families and foreign investors has increased.

Profile of the buyer of Barcelona flats

The sale of flats in Barcelona has a buyer with a very similar profile. At the moment, there are national families that make this significant disbursement of money but about 14% of the economic transactions in relation to the purchase of a house in Barcelona comes from people from outside the country.

It is some provinces such as Alicante, Málaga or Canarias this percentage of foreign buyer reaches data of 30%. The most outstanding nationalities are: British, French, German, Belgian, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Norwegian, Dutch and Moroccan.

When it comes to buying flats in Barcelona, the internationalization of this market is very beneficial for the buyer as for the seller of the property.

Today, the Catalan coast, in particular Barcelona, remains a favorite destination for Europeans to spend their vacations or to live their prized retirement.

Foreign buyer of apartments in Barcelona

In order for the future purchaser of European origin to have the guarantee and confidence that their transaction will be carried out successfully, it is necessary to have the services of a long-term real estate agency such as Home Group.

Having the support of a real estate agency is a guarantee factor for both the seller and the buyer, regardless of origin, since with the support of professionals you have the guarantee that everything is going to go well, thus avoiding unnecessary risks.

An important fact to keep in mind is that although the buyer is of foreign origin the deeds of this transaction are made before a notary and in our country. In the event that the buyer does not speak the same language as us, at the time of signing the deeds, the notary will request a sworn interpreter to ensure the buyer's understanding of the terms.

From Home Group, we help sell flats in Barcelona to all owners who rely on our services as real estate in Barcelona.